Nan's Nappies

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Newest Burp Cloths

I've just completed some diapers for a new baby on our block.  I've also found an adorable pattern for a swaddler so be looking for that soon!

  In the mean time, here are the new diapers.  I also made the diaper with the dragonfly and name again.  I stitched the first one before my Isocord thread order arrived.  Boy was that a mistake!  I had blue Isocord for the name but the red on the dragonfly wings was just regular thread in my sewing box.  The red ran with laundering so I now understand why I shouldn't use anything else beside the high quality Isocord and I will never make that mistake again.  I already own 65 Isocord colors and ordered another 15 today so I'm well on my way to a very good selection of colors.

I have a happy story to tell also.  I mailed a package of 12 burp cloths to Atlanta , GA on March 3. After two weeks I was surprised when I hadn't heard anything about them arriving since the people I mailed them to are usually prompt in letting me know they received something.  I wrote to them on Facebook and discovered that I had mailed them to their old address!  Oh no!  In addition to that, I had given that same address to a friend and she sent her package there also.  I was so sure that I had the latest address!  The intended recipient drove over to the old address, which was an apartment, and found that my friends package was in their office but mine was no where to be found.  I began stitching new burp cloths to send to them.  Then, beyond all hope, yesterday afternoon the diapers came back!! Just two days short of 4 weeks.  I was SO relieved.  Now I have some extra burp cloths to give as baby gifts and that's a plus also!  Since I had re-done the dragonfly burp cloth, I opened the box and replaced that and will mail it off to Atlanta...the correct address...tomorrow.

As a side note, I gave my husband a Kindle DX for Christmas.  He uses it primarily for transferring Word documents that he needs to read for his job and has found it to be very convenient.   Just the other day he  took it to the dentist with him.  He was able to read for his work while he waited for me to get my teeth cleaned.  Since he works from home and is self employed, every minute he isn't working is a loss of income. He was able to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak . He also owns his own computer consulting business and loves new technology.  He has been very pleased with the Kindle DX and is very glad he decided to ask for one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Burp Cloths

I began hand painting burp cloths 30 years ago when my son was an infant. Over the years my designs got more detailed. Every time I gave them as gifts they were well received. I have some mothers who have told me that they still have their babies burp cloths from years ago.

Recently, my husband gave me a Bernina Artista 630 and I have discovered the world of Machine Embroidery. (ME) I love it. I love all of the colors of threads and all of the many designs from which to choose. I also love the software that enables me to customize my burp cloths.

The moon and stars burp cloth , above, has some yellow glow-in-the-dark thread. Once the lights go off, it glows!

Below, you can see a sample of other burp cloths I've made. All are embroidered on Gerber pre-fold diapers for excellent absorption.  I also use high quality Isocord thread which will not bleed or fade.  These burp cloths can be tossed into the washing machine without any worries.

Please check these and others out at my new Etsy shop at