Nan's Nappies

Monday, May 19, 2014

Babies Don't Keep

 I love the article in the link above.  It is SO very true!  I didn't work at all for the first year of my children's lives.  Then I worked two days a week.  The time flew by and now I have four grandchildren.  As Cher's famous song says " If I Could Turn Back Time".  It is a balancing act though.  We have to cook , clean, do laundry , bookkeeping etc. but we should savor so many moments more and not rush to the next trivial job.  Which is more important, playing a Facebook game, or reading to your child?  I've done better as a grandmother.  I lay down with them sometimes, read books, snuggle, etc.  but I have the luxury of getting my " work" done when they aren't around. I think that's why I've turned into such a shutterbug.  I try to capture those moments and treasure them.  I started a journal right before Adam was born, almost 34 years ago.  I LOVE looking back on little things I would have forgotten such as when he discovered his heart beat.  I'm not as good at keeping a journal about the grandkids.  I have two blogs and a nice new blank journal Adam gave me for Mother's Day last year.  I better get with it!