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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monogramming and Personalization

 A friend owns a very nice baby boutique called Barefoot Baby Boutique.  She saw my Facebook page for Nan's Nappies and asked if I'd be available to monogram/personalize items that are purchased from her store.  I recently made a sample of some monograms and took to her store for display.      Below are just a few of the many monograms I can do.  I have around 35 fonts and 16 different styles available.  And that doesn't include the different borders that can be added.

My daughter is getting ready to have a baby boy.  His initials will be LRS so I have to put a traditional monogram on a blanket for him.  I chose a round border and made the stitching little trucks.

I bought an inexpensive little Onesie and made it special  when I added some personalization to the front.

  I couldn't leave his big sister out of the fun so I personalized a shirt for her.

I put an advertisement for a book entitled So Your About to be a teenager.  No, I didn't forget to capitalize any of the words.  That's the way it is on the cover.  I just purchased this book to give to my step-granddaughter.  I heard about the book on Family Life Today and highly recommend it to anyone who has a child getting ready to turn 13. 

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