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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Custom Blankets

I have a girlfriend who makes blankets and then picks out designs for me to embroider on them.  We work together to make a blanket especially for the little baby that she has in mind.  Each one is carefully designed to match the baby's gender and personality of the family.

This first blanket was designed for a long awaited grandchild.

  This one was for her first born grandchild.

This little boy's daddy is hoping his son will like baseball as much as he does.
I love this little design.  It covers four of the major sports and the star glows in the dark.

For the son of a farmer.

For a precious little girl.

I use large thermal blankets.  They are excellent for swaddling.  I made one using the above design but did it in blue for a little boy.  I then made a coordinating beanie and burp cloth. The thermal blanket and the set can be ordered from my Etsy shop.  Just click on the photos to go to my shop or click on "Nan's Nappies" under the preview selections from my shop.  If you want different designs, just ask.  Any of the designs on other items will work on a blanket also.

Thermal Knit Baby Swaddling Blanket

Infant Gift Set

Blankets also make great wedding gifts.  One customer gave me a really nice fleece blanket she found at Ikea and asked me to embroider it for her to give as a wedding gift.

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