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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Dining Room Floor

Sewing has been a little more challenging lately. I promise that my next post will cover some of my latest projects. I had mentioned the floor in an earlier post and promised I'd show pictures at a later date.  Well, here it is.

I don't know if any of you live in an older home but I do.  My home was built in 1946.  It seems that it always needs something.   In the past few years we have undertaken major remodeling.  We've had two large elm trees, and two maple trees removed.  Inside, we've had the living room carpet removed and the beautiful oak floors refinished.  We also painted that room.  We moved our bedroom upstairs when my daughter moved out, and when my husband was able to move here full time, we converted my son's old bedroom into an office.  Both of those rooms had to be painted.  Then we had the kitchen and upstairs bath totally gutted and remodeled.  

Two weeks ago we removed the carpet in our dining room.  We weren't really prepared to pay for refinishing at this time  but for various reasons that carpet HAD to go. We thought we would discover more oak flooring , put down an area run and refinish the floor at some point in the future.  But we didn't find oak.  Instead, we discovered this  ugly mess.  

We're not sure which owners decided to do this, but they had put down ugly do it yourself floor tiles.  Then at some later date, they, or another owner, decided to take them up.  They must have decided it was too difficult, gave up and put carpet down.  The black adhesive was sort of like tar.  We knew that our dogs and grandchildren could not get anywhere near that mess.

We called Eastern Shore Hardwood Floors.  The company is owned by Rob Kilchenstein and used to have the name of Chesapeake Hardwood Floors. They refinished our living room floor and we were extremely pleased.  We had old furnace vents removed and they repair the hole to the point where you'd never know there was a vent there!  Here are the "after" pictures.   We  also removed some old electric heat units from the baseboard. Central heat and A/C was another big improvement several years ago.  Now we need to paint the wood trim and get an area rug.  What an improvement!

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