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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old Houses and Sibling Shirts

When you live in an old house, you just never know what is going to need repairing next.  In 2005 we took up the carpet in our living room and discovered that we had beautiful oak floors.  We had them refinished and they are so pretty.  If money had been no object, we would have had the same carpet removed from our dining room, staircase and upstairs hallway.  But we decided we would save the rest of the carpet for another day.  In the meantime, we had total remodeling done in out upstairs bathroom and kitchen.  The remodels have been wonderful and greatly enjoyed but we didn't choose to do them at this time.  A major leak in the main drain pipe was the cause of the remodeling.

 Now, 7 years later, we are finally going to have our dining room floor refinished.  The carpet has been way past due to be removed.  First of all, the carpet was OLD!  I've lived here 27 years and it was here when I moved in.  Second, we had a little dog who developed liver disease.  If you've ever dealt with that in an animal you know that toxins gradually build up in the pet, causing them to become senile.  Our little dog started urinating in the dining room .  We never had a problem with him before this.  I have shampooed that part of the carpet to death.  I used products specifically designed to kill pet odors. Even so, I kept smelling old carpet padding and it drove me crazy.  To top it off, our little Yorkie, who we've had for 15 months, recently discovered that spot in the carpet and HE had urinated there a couple of times.  We're not even sure when he did as we watch him pretty closely and he's rarely alone.  I guess it doesn't take him long.  This was the straw that broke this camels back.  I told my husband the carpet HAD to come up even if we couldn't refinish the floor right now.

Last week, he ripped up the carpet only to discover do-it-yourself vinyl floor tiles stuck to the hardwood!  The previous owners had started to pry the tile up in one corner,  We  suspect they discovered how time consuming and difficult it was to do that, stopped and put down wall to wall carpet. Monday morning the refinishing will begin.  It will be SO good to have a long awaited update done.  I'll have to post some before and after photos when the refinishing is done.

This past weekend I went to a baby shower.  The mom to be has a little boy and is now going to have a little girl.  I love making matching/coordinating shirts and onesies for siblings.  This mom has chosen crib bedding that has a theme of pink and brown butterflies.  They haven't shared the name they will give the baby so I couldn't use the babies name.  I put a pink and brown butterfly applique' on the baby sister shirt.  I didn't think a little boy should have a butterfly so I put a pink and brown car on his.


A few weeks ago, I made a set for two brothers.  The customer chose applique' frogs.


I just love these little shirts and think they are a great way to make the older sibling feel special also.

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