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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Story Time

Today was an absolutely glorious day.  Low humidity, blue skies, and temps in the 80's!  Is this really March in Maryland?  I did some embroidery this afternoon but I want to share a cute story from my day that doesn't include embroidery.

I was scheduled to meet a friend at a coffee shop this morning.  I was almost ready to leave home when my phone rang.  The caller ID identified my daughter.  When I answered it wasn't my daughter but my three year old granddaughter.  She said " Will you tell me a story Nina?"  My heart melted! 

Several months ago, she started asking me to tell her a story about angels. We would lay down as if taking a nap and I made up a simple story.  Occasionally she'll ask for the same story again.  The story is still VERY simple and short but has gotten more detailed as her attention span and comprehension have grown.   Recently, Lauren told me that Taylor keeps asking for the story about angels but Lauren and Ryan have their own stories and they don't know the one I tell.  I told Lauren that anytime Taylor wants to hear the story, just call and I'll tell it to her.  That's why I got the phone call this morning.

Here is the story:  There once was a little girl with big blue eyes and beautiful curly blond hair.  Her name was Taylor.  She lived with her Mommy and Daddy and little brother in a cottage in the country.  One day her telephone rang and when she answered it, it was her grandmother who she called Nina.  Nina asked her to come bake cookies with her and told her to ask her Mommy if it would be okay.  Taylor asked her Mommy and Mommy said it would be fine. 

Taylor didn't live far from her Nina and could walk to her house.  She put her coat on and started walking to her Nina and B-Pa's house.  The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining and there were pretty flowers and lots of green grass.  She walked down a path towards the woods.  The woods is a place where there are a lot of trees.  When she first got into the woods, she could still see the sunshine and blue sky.  But as she walked further into the woods, there were more trees and the sunshine couldn't get through to Taylor and it got very dark.  Taylor started walking slower and got very scared.  She soon started crying.  Then she remembered something that her Mommy said was in the Bible.  " When I am afraid, I will trust in you"  She remembered that she should pray when she is scared.  So she prayed " Dear Jesus, it is dark and scary in the woods. Please help me to get through the woods to Nina and B-Pa's house. Amen"  When she opened her eyes there was a very big man standing in front of her.  He was sort of shiny.  He said " Hello Taylor!  My name is Michael.  God heard your prayer and sent me to help you through the woods.  Take my hand and we'll go together." 

Taylor didn't feel scared anymore!  She and Michael walked through the woods and pretty soon there were fewer trees and the sunshine started to show again.  Soon there were no more trees, only grass and flowers.  Taylor looked across the grass and saw Nina and B-Pa's house.  She and Michael started running.  When the got to the house, Taylor rang the doorbell.  Nina and B-Pa answered the door and were so happy to see Taylor. They asked her to come in and bake cookies.  Taylor asked if her friend, Michael, could come in also.  Nina and B-Pa looked puzzled.  They said, " Taylor, we don't see any friend with you."  Taylor turned around but Michael wasn't there.  She then told her grandparents how she had been scared and prayed for God to help her and then Michael came.  Her grandparents smiled at each other and then at Taylor.  B-Pa said " Why Taylor!  Do you know who that was?  He was an angel! God heard your prayer and sent Michael!" 

They all stopped and said a prayer to thank God for sending Michael to help Taylor and for getting her to their house safely.  Then they all went inside and made cookies.  The End.

When I got to the end, Taylor said " That was a good story! Tell it again??"  I told her to call back another time for a story because it was time for me to go to breakfast with my friend.  It was a great way to start my day!

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  1. love this!! such a sweet start to a day.
    taylor is a DOLL!!

    miss you xo