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Friday, March 16, 2012

Facebook and Ice Cream Cups

Recently Facebook made it easier to give everyone a way to find my  Nan's Nappies page.  If you are on Facebook, please be sure to click on the link below and "Like" it so you can keep up with all of my work.

Now to tell you about something yummy, clever and easy!  I saw this link on my good friend, Hannah's blog.  ( )

The ice cream cups in the photo are made with Thin Mint cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  My husband is not a fan of mint flavors but I can imagine all sorts of ice cream/cookie combinations for this.  How many times have you had a party and stood there trying to quickly dip ice cream for your guests?  How many times do you hear someone ask for " just a little bit" ?  How many times have the first bowls you dipped been melting while you were frantically dipping and your hand was getting tired?  No more!  You can make these several days ahead of your party.  I can imagine vanilla wafers with any flavor ice cream, Oreo's with cookies and cream, Pecan Sandies with Butter Pecan.  What flavors do you think you would try?    They are like individual ice cream cakes without the sore hands from trying to rapidly cut the cake for your guests.  CLEVER!

I worked for a couple of hours today at my second job as a school nurse.  Today I went with a group of special needs students to a pool.  I have one student in particular that I travel with.  He is a sweet autistic boy with diabetes.

I have an order to embroider a Formula 1 Race Car on a t-shirt.  The customer's first choice was for a red-t-shirt.  I didn't have a red t-shirt on hand but just knew that I could find one at Hobby Lobby.  I went there after work only to find that their smallest red T-shirt was a size 2-4.  I needed an 18 month size.  The second choice was light blue; they only had royal.  The third choice was white but they didn't have a white t-shirt in that size.  The customer told me to use a onesie.  Guess what?  They were sold out of 18 month size onesies!  I stopped by Babies R Us and bought 18 month size onesies.  Unfortunately they do not sell plain t-shirts in any size so I couldn't get the t-shirt there either.  There are days when things just don't work out as I'd like them to.

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